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How To Sell E-currency

If you are looking ahead to sell perfect money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Neo and other e-currency funds, this is the perfect place you have landed where you will experience hassle-free service as we focus on better customer satisfaction as well as providing fast, secure, cheaper and trusted service for any currency on our e-currency exchange.

Selling your currency is easy here and takes just few minutes to complete the transaction successfully. Login into your account or sign up if you don't have an account with us. After entering your member area the first thing to do before selling your currency is to check the current price of the currency you are willing to sell as it fluctuates every day.

Following checking the rate and if you are comfortable selling your e-currency at the price, click on the SELL button and a form will appear on your screen. Fill it correctly and verify the details before submitting. Next, click on the 'Alert' button. It is necessary as without clicking on it your account will not be funded.

The time duration of funding differs from one case to another and from one mode to another, but we try to make it prompt and instant. However, in some cases it may take few hours, but not more than 48 hours.

We deal in various e-currencies so you can sell Bitcoin, sell Cryptocurrency, sell perfect money and other sell all other listed currencies to us. It is recommended to check the listed currencies before filling up the form and further processing.

How To Buy E-currency

If you have dropped this page first before visiting other pages of the website, it is suggested to read carefully and be guided when you are buying any e-currency from this e-currency exchanger. We are all about receiving and making payments to help Nigerians exchange their ecurrencies (BTC, PM, PayPal, ETH, Litecoin etc)easily and smoothly. We accept everyone who creates an account here.

Buying either Naira or other ecurrency from us is easy and just few clicks away. The first thing required is to register yourself on our website which takes just couple of minutes. A confirmation email will be sent to your linked account after submission your detail to verify your registration with us.

Once your account is successfully created on the website, it is important to login with your credentials. Next, click on the Buy button and a form will appear on your screen. Fill it and submit. A payment details need to be filled and this includes your account numbers.

Simultaneously, after your submission of form, an invoice will be sent to your email. It will include complete details of the submitted form along with your account numbers.

The last step required from your end is to make the payment in given format from your end and thereafter return back to our website.. You may be required to login in once again here and then simply click on 'Send Alert' button at the order details.

Once we receive payment from your end, we will fund your account. It is quick and the entire process takes just few minutes.

Take note that you can buy only those currencies which are listed on the website. Hence it is suggested to first check the listed currency page before going ahead. In brief, you can buy Skrill, buy Naira and lots other at this e-currency exchange. You can also buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies here.

Also, the exchange rates changes every day depending on the market. It is recommended to check today's rate before buying the currency.

If still finding some information missing here if you are buying a currency, do contact us through our query form, email or phone number. One of our executives will be readily helpful to workout a solution to what you are looking here.

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