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Payment Model

We have several payment models to facilitate our customers with more than few options as payment is the key component in our business. It has been broken down into different basic types to improve the outcomes and decrease costs from case to case. The primary focus of is to help you save money when you are either sending money or receiving money. We have tried here to facilitate transfer options for every type of business. However, below are some of the payment options which we have currently made available:

Bank deposit
To make make deposit you will get details of our bank account like name and account number, and you need to visit the local bank office to deposit the agreed money. You will get a confirmation receipt from the bank. Send a scanned copy of it to us. It works as a proof that money has been deposited in our account.

Mobile transfer
You can deposit the money in our bank account by transferring through your registered mobile number through your smartphone or other similar devices. It is easy and takes just couple of minutes to do so. It is a better option than bank deposit as it saves time from going to a local bank office to deposit money.

Online transfer
Online transfer is similar like mobile transfer and it is implemented through a laptop or computer. You need to login into your bank account, pre-created, and transfer the agreed amount to our account through it.

We also gladly accept payments through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It is easy and takes just a minute to transfer money from one account to another. It is still legal in most of the countries to accept or send payments through such virtual currencies.

Payment model not accepted
Currently we are not accepting payment through Quickteller, Paga or ATM. We are sorry but please take note that one of the above options may be suitable for you to make payment to us. The options are far easier and more reliable.


  • We are regularly working in adding up more options to the payment model and encourage our customers to send us feedback about other potential payment ways which are ethical, legal and easier.
  • Before making a payment to us it is recommended to check the current conversion rate and know that it changes everyday.
  • You will get an invoice ID from our end and this need to be accompanied with the transaction.
  • Please ensure that we do not have refund policy and so do not make any error while making payments through any of the above mentioned options. Even if the refund is made, though in rare cases, a certain feel will be deducted from the total.

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